Best universities to offer course on Marriage Counselling

Couples are getting married fast as well as breaking up within 2 years of marriage regretting about the fact of marrying in the first place. Since number of divorce is reaching high these days, more couples are seeking for therapy hence there is a growing demand for marriage and family therapists. There are top notched universities from which you can get your degree and start your profession as a marriage counselor.

All marriage counselors must have a master’s degree on the marriage and family therapist along with real time experience of 2 years under a supervisor’s inspection. University of southern California in Los Angeles, offers a Masters on Marriage and Family planning.

Marriage Counseling Programs

This university allows students to help attain education from the top psychologists around the globe as well as provide 2 years for state licensing. According to a statement by tulsa counseling, Students will carry out to seek education combined with 2 years for licensing. The North Western University in Evanston is a suburban school which offers Masters program on Family and Planning.

This will take 2 years including the clinical internship which will be monitored by a supervisor. There are many benefits which students will get by finishing their graduation from particular university.

Another program is – this is online counseling program.

By studying in Northwestern University, the students can also attend research projects through the Institute of Family. Completing from Ohio University allows the students to receive scholarship and emphasizes more on the research which is an important aspect of marriage counseling. For people who are working as well as wanting to work, for them University of Rochester enroll students who wishes for part time study. There are many opportunities around, so why not give it a shot and change your career path once in a while.

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