5 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Love for Gaming


As we grow older, we do not play games anymore, at least, not as often as we were still young. During my primary school years, I was introduced to various game consoles such as the original Gameboy, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and even the Nintendo FAMICOM.

Since then, I was an avid gamer and I, along with my friends, are on a constant lookout for amazing games that’s going to be released.

But, when you reach adulthood, your love for games start to dwindle as you get busier with other things in life.

It is understandable since we have to work, we have to socialize, and we need to expand our horizons. But, one cannot argue that playing games are somewhat therapeutic.

If you stop and think, is my love for gaming lost? Is my love for gaming on a slow but steady decline?

If so, I will talk about the 5 ways you can reinvigorate your love for gaming.

  1. Play Your Favorite Games. Everybody has their own favorite games but it might be lying on your shelf or tucked away in a box since you haven’t played it for a while. Try to find them and dust them off. Plug them into your game console and play it. I am pretty sure that your love for games will start to be reinvigorated again. I just want to share that my favorite games are RPG games. Whenever I feel that my love for gaming is lost, I bring out my Suikoden 2 game CD and play it. I get a good feeling each and every time I play that game.
  2. Don’t Look at Gaming Social Media. Facebook and Twitter are just two of the most popular Social Media sites today. But, if you frequent these websites and you subscribe to a lot of gaming news, then you might get discouraged. Why? Because sometimes, you will see some news about your favorite game or franchise shutting down or any other negative tidbits about your favorite games or gaming consoles. It is best that you stay away from Gaming social media.
  3. Invite Friends Over to Play. Back in High School, me and my friends would always hang out to play some Playstation 2 or Playstation 3 games. The games that we usually play are RPG games, horror games, and just about any popular gaming title available at that time. To restore your love for gaming, bring back the good ol’ times and invite some friends over for some night of gaming.
  4. Visit a Gaming Store. This might be weird but just go to a gaming store. A gaming store is a store that stocks up on games and other gaming related hardware. Visiting a gaming store can help revitalize your love for games because by doing so, you will see all of the current games and even the classic ones that you really love as well.
  5. Join a Video Game Event. Video game events are happening each and every year. In fact, there is sure to be a gaming event in a place near you ever month. By going to these events, you will find that there are a lot of gamers out there and who knows, you might find a friend or two in the event and you guys can probably hang out for some gaming sessions.

As I’ve said, I was a gamer up until adulthood. But just recently, I reinvigorated my love for gaming by doing the things that I’ve said above.

I guess no matter what age group you’re in, there will always be a time for gaming. Happy gaming everyone!